Brad’s A/C Performance was founded by Bradley Finkbeiner in 1987. And later with the advent of the Internet, Brad established snowmobileshocks.com and snowmobiletracks.com in 1996. The focus of Brad’s A/C Performance was on ride quality and overall snowmobile vehicle stability. With the condition of snowmobile trails at that time Brad had to find a way to improve the ride quality of the machines or deal with the idea of having to give up snowmobiling. Brad first experimented with the M-10 from F.A.S.T. He then migrated to building the BLT to complement the ride quality of the M-10. With a little help from his friends Ken Drinkard and Darrell Wentzel, the Brad’s Long Travel Suspension was born. This was sold as the BLT long travel suspension system.

See SUSPENSION TUNING  to get the rest of the story in an article written by Kevin Beilke of Snow Tech Magazine. The manufacturers took note of Brad’s excellent work in the development of front suspension ride quality. Within a two-year period, the appearance of 43 inch wide front suspensions appeared sporting shocks with duel rate springs. This became widespread throughout the industry. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Brad sold the rights to the BLT in 1998 to F.A.S.T of Eveleth, Minnesota.

Brad then bought his first super late-model dirt racing car and headed off to his six-year career with 35 wins. He has accumulated a wealth of suspension geometry understanding that he now brings to the snowmobiling industry. Education includes the following schools.

  • Dale McDowell Dirt Late-model school
  • Afco/ Rocket Chassis racing school
  • CJ Raeburn racing school
  • Penske shock school

Snowmobileshocks.com and Brad’s A/C Performance is proud to announce the addition of new blood and ideas to the company. Brian Finkbeiner, Brad’s son, is now on board with the company and brings the youth and different riding style of many of today’s riders. Brian brings to the table the style of standup riding and big jump, risk-taking, adventure riding. So when you deal with Brads A/C Performance you get a wealth of understanding and knowledge and the best products and service in the business. And as always, the 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with our products return them for a full refund.

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