WARNING your shocks are in need of service!

The following four photographs are from a 2016 SKIDOO XRS the same is true of all snowmobiles that have not had their shock oil changed. Call Brads A/C Performance now. (231)-263-33OO

Stained from the acidic nature of the oil that was not changed in a proper time frame. This stain is permanent and affect the performance of the shock over it’s life. If you have hpg or KYB shocks, they are manufactured at the factory with what they call a “break-in” oil and it should be changed after 3 to 700 miles of use without fail. After that, longer shock service intervals are acceptable.

Welcome to Brads A/C Performance

We still provide the highest quality shock service available in the industry. As a full independent I can use the oil, seals and methods of my choice. I am not locked into a manufacturer’s recommendation or products. My 21 years of experience in the snowmobile shock industry, and 30 years combined experience with shocks in the racing performance industry, give me a unique understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

So when your skis hit the snow you can ride confident with Brads A/C Performance, builder of the BLT, the ride that set the standards by which all snowmobile suspensions are built today.

We provide shock service with:

  • custom revalving
  • custom blended shock oil and suspension spring mapping
  • full shock dyno service

At Brads A/C performance we have hundreds of parts for arctic cat snowmobiles please click the eBay link below to see just some of the parts that are available and you can buy them on eBay or you can contact us at technical support (231)-263-3300 to make your purchase.

Thanks, Bradley

Brad’s A/C Performance on Ebay

Brad's A/C Performance on Ebay